2017 Youth Groups

First Presbyterian Church, Carmichael - Feb 17-19
St. John's , Cold Spring Harbor, NY - Feb 20-24
University of Illinois   -   March 18-24
White Oak Pond CC Richmond, KY - June 11-17
Foothills UCC, Los Altos - June 18-25
Zion ELCA Salt Lake City, UT - July 2-7
Blue Theology Booth in Indianapolis - July 8-12

How Do We Sign Up?

Download a registration form (below) and make your request. We will contact you shortly afterwards to confirm dates that you would like to experience a Blue Theology learning/serving trip. If you group is less than15 persons we will most likely schedule your time here with another group

Costs and such

At least two adult chaperones must accompany a youth group. You will be on your own for transportation and food (you'll have use of a fully-stocked kitchen, showers and sleeping space). The cost of a week-long experience (5 days, 6 nights) is currently $295/person. Kayaking and whale watching opportunities are available at extra cost.


Click to download forms and information