2019 Youth Groups

How Do We Sign Up?

Download a registration form (below) and make your request. We will contact you shortly afterwards to confirm dates that you would like to experience a Blue Theology learning/serving trip. If you group is less than15 persons we will most likely schedule your time here with another group

Costs and Such

At least two adults must accompany a youth group. (We recommend one adult for every five youth) You will be on your own for transportation and food (you'll have use of a kitchen, showers and sleeping space). Cost of a week-long experience (5 days, 6 nights) is currently $345/person. Kayaking and whale watching opportunities available at extra cost.


Click to download forms and information

Let Us Know if Your Youth Group is Interested in a Learning/Serving Trip

Due to the pandemic, all of our 2020 group visits to the Mission Station have been cancelled.
Although we don't know what the future holds for Spring and Summer of 2021, we are taking applications and reserving dates for interested youth groups.

2021 Youth Groups