2019 Youth Groups

How Do We Sign Up?

Download a registration form (below) and make your request. We will contact you shortly afterwards to confirm dates that you would like to experience a Blue Theology learning/serving trip. If your group is less than 15 persons we will most likely schedule your time here with another group

Costs and Such

At least two adults must accompany a youth group. (We recommend one adult for every five youth) You will be on your own for transportation and food (you'll have use of a kitchen, showers and sleeping space). Cost of a week-long experience (5 days, 6 nights) is currently $345/person. Kayaking and whale watching opportunities available at extra cost.


Click to download forms and information

Let Us Know if Your Youth Group is Interested in a Learning/Serving Trip

April 11-15 - All Peoples Center, LA, CA
June 17-23 - First Christian, Orange CA
June 19-25 - First Christian, Topeka KS
June 24-30 -- Normandy Park UCC, Seattle
July 1-8 -- First Christian Shelbyville, IN
July 8-15 -- Central Christian Church,          Lexington KY
July 17-23 - First Christian Plano, TX
July 23-29 - First Christian, Salem, OR
August 1-3 - Farm Labor Youth

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